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Didn't Get to Catch Me Live? Don't Worry! I Have a Video For You!

Didn't get to catch me live? Check out my new painting on which I am working. It is Day 2 of my third painting in my black and white series. 





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My New Work Titled "Black"


2014. Black. Acrylic, pen, ink, charcoal, spray paint, wood stain, Sharpie, coffee, and conte on Rives BFK. 20"x33".


Check Out My New Work on Paper!

I just completed my second work on paper.  All of the process photos are posted below. "How To" video coming tomorrow!








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What Really Goes on in the [C.M.] Fitz Studio?

I Want to welcome you personally to [C.M.] Fitz Studio. Watch the process and be a part of the work. Follow my twitter @cmfitzart to see when I am live streaming and available for chat! I hope to get enough viewers to create a collective or community that studies the different modes and methods of materials relevant to our time. So like me on Facebook and we can create a forum for critique and discussion. As always, feel free to e-mail me at carroll@carrollfitzpatrick.com.


Watch the [C.M.] Fitz studio below!




Typical night in the studo. Fitz part of [C.M.] Fitz working on figure project pictured at left.


New website updates!


 Deteriorate. 2014. Caulk, spackle, acrylic, cat litter, ink, pen, charcoal, computer paper, wood stain, and moss on unprimed canvas. 30" x36".Visit my galleries! There are 5 NEW paintings and 1 NEW installation! Check them out! Also, I added pricing and project descriptions to all works!

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