The desire to create is in our DNA.  Our need to create pervades every level of our existence—the practical and the aesthetic.  I take in art through all five of my senses: the sound of sprinklers coloring my ears, the texture of concrete running like sandpaper under my fingers, the smell of fall sending olfactory images bursting through my mind.  My work aims to magnify these sensations.  I use traditional painting media, as well as, nontraditional materials to convey these momentary impressions.  The integration of texture into my work is essential.  With it, my art aims to transcend the aesthetic and become wholly interactive.  My purpose as an artist is to break down the barriers that separate art and the viewer, and I cannot see how my work could connect with anyone without using materials that come from the world they can connect with.

Over the past few years my work has been using sensations to uncover how we structure our lives and our surroundings. The basis of my Construction Series used line to examine our contours and the contour of sound. My installation work pulls from our feelings surrounding fear and judgement. I am moving on with my Black and White Series to explore the boundaries that define our lives—what we consider to be black and what we consider to be white and the grays inbetween. My painting titled Structure was influenced by the texture of concrete and added the notion of what a sidewalk boiling would look like. In a sense, we walk on solid ground, we trust that the ground will be steady under our feet. What would it look like if this solidity suddenly boiled away? Essentially, it is used as a metaphor for what you may consider as the foundation of your life, your certainties, and your knowns.