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What Do I Think About When Creating A Work?

People often ask me what I was feeling when I create a work. I never quite know how to answer that question. Truth be told, it takes months after I create a painting to feel attached to it. Creating is such an out of body experience for me that much of what I am creating seems to come from the subconscious. This may be in part that I use a lot of stream of consciousness when I create.

I focus on two things when I approach a blank canvas or sheet of paper. One is texture and the second is line. When I lay in texture, it is a little free flowing in placement as it creates the composition, I decide on how I want the flow of the composition to be and then I lay in the texture.  Lately I have been obsessed with decaying urban structures and I love using insulation foam and caulk to replicate this these bulbous dilapidating structures. I got interested in this texture when I moved to the northeast. There are so many abandoned factories and buildings that I have a wealth of inspiration every time I break into one of these buildings. (Cough cough.) Much of the collaged imagery I use are from left over photographs, magazines, books left behind in these buildings. I love the faded and peeling effect that these papers create in relation to my texture. I also think that the imagery works to lay in representational imagery that further boost the concept in my work.

I feel that these new experiences moving from the south to the north have given me a new perspective on my art. This is in part due to complete environment change and a serious life change, and I can't ignore that I am evolving as an artist. Evolving is scary. However, I am ready to evolve. I am ready to leave behind old ideas and transform them into new ideas. I want to do some more introspection and create some truly personal pieces so that I am not removed from my piece, but completely involved in the world I am creating. I want to step into a piece and become changed as I create it.

Much of the way I approach a work in terms of line is through music. Music is a very tactile experience for me. I can feel the sound and I let the sound flow through me and create the rises and falls of the music through line. I experience the world through line.

Today I went through and began to lay in line work and my shades for my black and white series. I also began a new work in my Synesthetic Memories series.

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