So, I started a new painting this last week!

I know I promised another video. I did attempt to create one, showing how I applied the caulk.  I filmed for about 50 minutes and then was going to edit it, but for some reason, there was a video error. Luckily, I had viewers watching me paint live. I am going to be getting some film tutoring from Jonathan Fitzpatrick so that I wont have this problem again.

Website Updates: Also, Jonathan Fitzpatrick is going to help me figure out how to make the videos that I post to my website more visually appealing, so get ready! A new artist statement edited by writer Sarah Cooper is already posted to the website. Some new layout and design work for the website soon to come also. In addition, more writing on art. "Art Today" will become a new category just for art writing.  The tab will have critical art historical writings and in the future will contain more of those, as well as, show reviews.  The idea I had about posting artist profiles will continue under this tab.  Just look out for all of these changes over the next week.

I started the third work in my black and white series. As of right now, I am planning a six paintings for this series. I already have one large square work and a medium rectangular work. So, I have it planned out to do two large squares, two small rectangles and two large rectangles.  This is my first large rectangular piece in this series and it measures 36"x48".


I have always wanted to experiment with duct tape. So, I just put it on in every which way, I mean why not? Some of my favorite textures, application of materials have come from accidents, for instance the way I started to apply washes in my more current work this past year.  For me, aesthetics have always been like putting together a puzzle. 


Detail from 2013. Reconstructed. Acrylic paint, ink wash, Gesso, shoe polish and matte medium on unprimed/unstretched canvas. 53"X53".

 With Reconstructed, I accidentally let the wash spread out on the canvas too far.  Normally, most of the downward smeared quality in my work was created with thick paint, but in this piece, I experimented with combining both.  I thought the effect created more depth through layers, so it was a happy accident.

The idea was to adhere duct tape in every direction, paint over it, peel some away, reapply, and so on. Using this method, I intend to create an interesting preliminary background texture.  This is an image of once I started to apply base coats to the work.      


The grey is to indicate the general movement of the work.

There is a central sculptural piece that will be applied in the middle of the composition and I am building it out of this structure.  This will serve as a base for the sculpture and it will work to support the sculpture.  The organic quality will allow for it to blend seamlessly into the sculpture's composition.



Some experimentation with the background, texture, etc. The large black circle is indicating where I will be applying the base.  It is black because I want the base to disappear into the background behind the sculpture. 


Fun things that I am attaching to the sculptural elements! I spray painted these in a high gloss black paint.

I intend for this painting to be mostly black.  I already created a painting with dark mid tones and another one that is much lighter.  I aim to create as stark contrast with this work and play with high relief sculpture.


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Didn't Get to Catch Me Live? Don't Worry! I Have a Video For You!

Didn't get to catch me live? Check out my new painting on which I am working. It is Day 2 of my third painting in my black and white series. 





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My New Work Titled "Black"


2014. Black. Acrylic, pen, ink, charcoal, spray paint, wood stain, Sharpie, coffee, and conte on Rives BFK. 20"x33".


Check Out My New Work on Paper!

I just completed my second work on paper.  All of the process photos are posted below. "How To" video coming tomorrow!








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What Really Goes on in the [C.M.] Fitz Studio?

I Want to welcome you personally to [C.M.] Fitz Studio. Watch the process and be a part of the work. Follow my twitter @cmfitzart to see when I am live streaming and available for chat! I hope to get enough viewers to create a collective or community that studies the different modes and methods of materials relevant to our time. So like me on Facebook and we can create a forum for critique and discussion. As always, feel free to e-mail me at carroll@carrollfitzpatrick.com.


Watch the [C.M.] Fitz studio below!




Typical night in the studo. Fitz part of [C.M.] Fitz working on figure project pictured at left.