Gerhard Richter

Most of the researching on Gerhard Richter I have been doing is through books and scanned images (all of which you saw), is kind of difficult since all of the images I included are either just dated or ohne titel (without title). However, I found his site a link of which I am going to post so that it becomes available to my readers as well.

Click around look/enjoy.


Return from the Mountains

I did not allow myself to work while up in the mountains in an effort to be sure I wasn't just doing studies of the trees. I wanted to study the experience that the trees provided and paint that vs. a broken down representational image of a tree. I have also begun to look at artists and articles that correlate to what representation and nature. Here are some images.

I have become very interested in Gerhard Richter's representation of Land, Man, and Nature. This is an image of the mountains that has a representational photograph with oil paint overlaying the structure, abstracting the representation and mimicking the organic quality of the mountains.
Here is another image that incorporates trees.

Here is an image that is completely abstracted as a watercolor. He seems to take from Kandinsky. In terms of color representation and composition. I am becoming very interested in his techniques and formal aesthetics.
When searching through Richter's work I found this image. An image of a waterfall he took at Niagra Falls! The next is an oil representation that allows the viewer to experience the impact of the waterfall itself.
 Here is another image I found while researching Richter, he has clearly been looking at Kandinsky. Look at the next image by Kandinsky and compare for yourself.



I find this image of Kandinsky's entirely relevant to Richter's work, and since Kandinsky predates him it might be safe to assume that Richter was looking at Kandinsky. I find this one relevant in terms of color.

While this one barely uses the color that I am talking about I think that this one is relevant in terms of composition.
I have included a few more of Richters images below, as research in thinking about nature, space, and the formal qualities between the representational image of the photograph and paint.

It is apparent that Richter went out into the landscape to photograph this images, just as I did and allowed for them to remain as photographs, which is interesting, especially in terms of abstraction and representation. Something I am going to ponder a little bit. For, now this is all I have. Tomorrow I plan on researching some more of Richter and articles that relate to him and his works, as well as, other artists.

Painting From Nature

I have been searching for other aspects of nature to incorporate into my piece. I think that I have been inspired by the Dalton Gallery Still Water Show--in terms of my subjection of nature. Robert (a friend of mine) sent me images from the trip. One day we hiked down to an area called Dry Falls. Dry Falls is large waterfall in Highlands, North Carolina. The very very short trail allows for one to walk behind the cascade and experience being inside the waterfall. The experience was dwarfing and dizzying. Here are the images Robert Vardaros took with his iPhone in October 2009 at Dry Falls, North Carolina.

I love this image, the photograph really captures the rushing sensation of the large waterfall.
This is my favorite image of all the waterfall images. This image slows down time and allows for the water to create a space. The piece is also abstracted already in it's qualities.

We later hiked down to another waterfall that had overhangs at several points. I don't have any photographs from this, but I was able to observe the cascade from above, midway down, and at the bottom. I got to listen to the water all the while, with large trees over head.


Trees and Montana

**This post was taken from my Process Log in September
For the tree project I want to create giant 20-foot trees that are dwarfing in size. As individual pieces, I want to have a focus on formal qualities and forms of abstract representation. I want observe how I pull from the photograph and its representational qualities and transform the works into non-representational images. Cezanne said to paint from nature as one experiences it. These might end up being studies, in formal experiments of materials and representation. I also like the calming qualities that nature provides.
I got the idea for this project when I was flipping through a magazine about Montana and became fascinated by the trees I saw in the magazine and the way they dominated a space. I want to create a similar effect in the form of mixed media painting.
Since I took a trip up to the mountains to study trees, which proved to be kind of difficult since the weather was foggy most of the time. I spent for days in the mountains and went hiking to study the effect that the trees created with in a space. I studied different angles of viewing trees at ground level, looking up at the top, and found photographs that related to some of my experiences. One thing that stood out to me was the compositional quality of trees and the way they can frame a space.
The experience was helpful and I loved the removed quality that the mountains provided, especially hiking. I also went driving and studied the leaves and the ways trees hung and created shadows, looking at the shadows on asphalt was a great way to study this, especially at sunset. I am going to Montana in the spring and want to see the different effects trees have in the spring vs. the fall. I am going again in the Summer and will probably begin my work in the Summer.

I really like the comparison of the people to the size of the roots in this image. I also like the organic line of the roots, especially since I have been experimenting with line. I like this because at the beginning of the semester I began some quick gestures of metal wire and really liked the line quality that the images took on. I think that the trees are a fair representation of this organic line I am beginning to enjoy.

Again, the organic quality.

I had a view almost exactly like this in the mountains that created a kind of peace, I think I would want to create this same kind of atmosphere in a painting.

This picture would solely concentrate on the line quality and blending of the pieces.

Here is the dwarfing quality I was talking about when one lies down and studies trees from the ground up.

This image is simlar to the other one I showed of trees integrated within a space, and the calming space they provide.

Here is another image showing how trees dwarf people, in a very similar way to the montana magazine I was talking about.

I have been looking at artists such as Lucian Freud, Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, and Van Gogh--for the images of landscape and trees. Lucian Freud has been interesting in terms of texture and imposto.

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