New website updates!


 Deteriorate. 2014. Caulk, spackle, acrylic, cat litter, ink, pen, charcoal, computer paper, wood stain, and moss on unprimed canvas. 30" x36".Visit my galleries! There are 5 NEW paintings and 1 NEW installation! Check them out! Also, I added pricing and project descriptions to all works!

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Day 2 Process for Deteriorate


Watch me live paint 3 times a week via www.carrollfitzpatrick.com under the [C.M.] Fitz Live Tab.


Process for Deteriorate



Watch me live paint 3 times a week via www.carrollfitzpatrick.com under the [C.M.] Fitz Live Tab.


Welcome to the New and Improved [C.M.] Fitz Studio Website!


The new version of the website is up and ready to go! Design work by graphic designer Jonathan Fitzpatrick. Professional artist shots by Mell Bell and Wanda Cavazos at Richard Bell Photography located in the Daniel Island Marina in Charleston, South Carolina. New convenient links, special features, and new work!! 
  • NEW WORK: Gallery now features four new paintings and one new installation.  
  • Website has a new tab for a live stream feature. You can now watch me in my studio working live. 
  • Chat using my Skype user name is located in the Contact tab.  Also, if you use Google Chat, chat with me using my e-mail: carroll@carrollfitzpatrick.com.
  • Convenient links with social media applications for you to follow in the Contact tab.  A link to my new Pinterest is provided, click around, follow my boards and see what artists that I am looking at.  
  • Follow me on my new artist Twitter. 
  • Connect with me on LinkedIn.  The link conveniently in Contact Tab.
  • Also, a link to a [C.M.] Fitz YouTube channel is available in the Contact tab and will soon have me speaking to you about project ideas and possible interviews with other artists. 
  • The "Art Today" tab is a creative nonfiction artist and gallery profile section. There will be profiles to read about local and national artists, galleries etc.  The section already includes a profile on Mike White. Mike White lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  He works as a freelance cinematographer, director, editor, in T.V. writing, and a supervising producer. He also is the Chief Director of Scratch 24 productions. 
  • A new attached blog to follow my Master's Thesis research for applications to masters programs that will be sent out this year.  Follow my entire process! 


Check back on Monday for four new paintings and two installation works to be added to the site. Also, some new surprise features!