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New Painting "Wasted Perfection" in Process


Returning to this painting after a 20 day vacation in Atlanta, Georgia, Athens, Georgia, and Norfolk, Virginia presented new challenges in picking up on the ideas for the work where I left off. Still new to including text in my work, I made the mistake of scratching text into the piece before I applied acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is thick and would effortlessly cover the text design I originally intended. I often say that creating a painting is like putting together a puzzle. Figuring out how to include paint in the same areas of text proved to be quite a challenge. 

 To resolve this I first had to clear my mind and I could find no better way for me to dust out the cobwebs than some automatic writing to music. Blind abstract contoured line is like stretching before a run, it opens my mind and allows for me to let go. Combining two stream of consciousness contoured line works within the same piece created a whole new layer to the composition. Click the link to listen to Reverse by The War on Drugs. This was the song I used to create the new contoured lines in the work in progress reflected in the second image below. I used the sounds from this song to create the gentle rises and falls heard in the musical composition and translated this to the borders of the existing composition in the image above. In a way, the sound from the song Reverse forms enclosed borders of the song Renaissance! by San Fermin structuring the original composition with its heavier textures and bolder line work that blends in and out of contoured borders dissolving itself into a blurred and distorted image.

 This ongoing piece shown in this second image below is the result of a fourth day of work on the piece Wasted Perfection  in my new Disordered Ramblings series. 

 Having already gotten a potential buyer for the work I am very excited to continue and update my progress towards the completed piece.

 Here are some details showing how I am working text and collage into the composition. 


Stream of Conciousness

I am considering a text based project regarding my responses to my recent move to Charleston, SC. I have been sitting at night and writing stream of consciousness, hoping to use some of the writing in my work. I will start to post these on my blog. This first attempt at stream of consciousness was after a mountain/low-country style folk show at a barn venue in Awendaw, SC that left me at state of peace with my mind. Here is a link to my other blog in regards to that event.

Here is my first writing attempt:

Sitting outside in a chair can’t decide whether it is comfortable or not concentrating on the sound of banjo bugs chirping cigarette going out? I think of him and the sound of the guitar I want cool nights bugs chirping cool on skin, want a stillness in my heart.

Cats jumping running unsettled noises, mouth open teeth barred no schedules, freedom of time

Stomach rumpled perfect fabric slow drags open mind ideas pouring from honey and tea warmth thirst on my lips dryness of taste buds on tongue

Moon behind the trees cars driving nearby constant rumbling, hair on back hands on hips country sounds


Noises of motorcycle cats jumping and crickets

Imperfections of tonality “jesus song” human connection not caring if blanket is underneath or not freedom of time hair at base of neck itches hair line bug on collar bone scuttles

Desire freedom of soul pit in stomach need smoke curl in waves from mouth harmony of chords pillow on head softness around sheet of skin pulled taut around jawline